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English Essentials Workbooks 1-3

An all-in-one skills solution from well-loved English authors, Rex Sadler, Sandra Sadler and Viv Winter

English Essentials Workbooks 1-3 are designed to develop essential English skills in the areas of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading, writing and comprehension.

Each workbook is divided into four key sections:
-   Language
-   Spelling and vocabulary
-   Literature
-   Writing.

The material accommodates a wide range of student abilities and is suitable for both classwork and homework. The units in each section are short and self-contained, making them highly accessible and offering teachers maximum flexibility. The grammar and language units provide clear explanations of rules and conventions with carefully sequenced exercises. The texts selected for comprehension are rich and varied, while the writing tasks provide guidelines, models and photographs to help inspire students to develop their writing skills.

A separate Teacher Book provides answers to all the comprehension, language, spelling and vocabulary questions in the student workbook.

Features & Benefits

  • Teachers can assign activities according to skill and student need making it suitable for all levels of learning
  • Carefully curated selection of age and curriculum appropriate literary texts and non-literary texts to engage students
  • Varied activities to develop communication skills, critical and creative thinking and other 21st century skills 
  • Concise and accessible explanations, visual stimulus and ample scaffolding for student-directed learning

From the best-selling workbook authors

Rex Sadler is Macmillan’s preeminent English author. He has published
multiple market leading titles with Macmillan over the last 40 years, including
Complete English Basics, National English Skills and Focus on English (all
English workbook series).

Sandra Sadler and Viv Winter bring their considerable skills in education,
writing and publishing to the collaboration.

Macmillan English Essentials Workbook 19781420246186$24.95
Macmillan English Essentials Workbook 1 – Teacher Book9781420246193$99.95
Macmillan English Essentials Workbook 29781420246209$24.95
Macmillan English Essentials Workbook 2 – Teacher Book9781420246216$99.95
Macmillan English Essentials Workbook 39781420246223$24.95
Macmillan English Essentials Workbook 3 – Teacher Book9781420246230$99.95

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