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Authors: phil kettle, jacqueline arena, holly smith dinbergs, rory jackson and julie mullins
Illustrators: Victoria constable, Jessica hunt and Emma Stamatellis

made in Australia for Australian kids

kids rule! easy-breezy, classroom-ready reading for aussie kids

Quintessentially Australian, Kids Rule! is the series written, illustrated, published and printed in Australia for Aussie kids. Uncomplicated, positive and fun, these character-driven books for developing readers will bring the FUN back to classroom paired and shared reading. 

what's it all about?

Kids will laugh out loud with Jesse & Luca, Kyra & Chloe and Billy & Billie as they embark on irreverent, active, outdoor, kids-being-kids fun. 

  • Pack of 24 books for middle and upper primary (age 7+). ISBN 9780655090175. RRP of $279.95
  • Character-driven fiction
  • Two characters interacting in each story with playscript style dialogue
  • Illustrations on every page
  • Read in pairs, read aloud, read alone or read along - Kids Rule! will get kids reading.

Meet the kids!

    This pack contains:

    • Beach Buddies
    • Soccer Hot Shots
    • Farm Fun
    • Kite Chasers
    • Backyard Olympics
    • Cowboy Capers
    • Daredevils on Bikes
    • Grand Slam Stars
    • Acting Aces
    • Minigolf Mayhem
    • Dance Disasters
    • Party Planners
    • Swimming Superheroes
    • Netball Challenges
    • Bowling Battle
    • Election Fever
    • Cricket Cup
    • Museum Mishap
    • The Fishing Fiasco
    • Pie Prize
    • Bushwalking Adventure
    • Local Heroes
    • Odd Jobs
    • Skateboarding Legends