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All You Need to Teach: Critical Thinking and Humour Ages 5-8


Developing critical thinking skills using humorous texts

This fantastic teacher resource book provides you with engaging activities that teach students essential critical thinking skills.

It provides all you need, including:
  • teaching tips and essential background information
  • assessment rubrics
  • humorous text models to photocopy and use with lesson ideas
  • BLM worksheets

12 thinking skills are covered -
  • Social Thinking
  • Parodical Thinking
  • Imaginative Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Suspending Disbelief
  • Judgemental Thinking
  • Comparative Thinking
  • Inferential Thinking
  • Paradoxical Thinking
  • Conceptualising Time and Space
  • Retrospective and Speculative Thinking
  • Explorative Thinking

Also available:
All You Need To Teach Critical Thinking Ages 8-10
All You Need To Teach Critical Thinking Ages 10+

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