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Thinking Skills for Peak Performance Student Workbook


Why teach Thinking Skills for Peak Performance?

  • Improve performance in an array of areas
  • Build confidence
  • Develop resilience and coping skills
  • Enhance general wellbeing and life skills

Whatever the performance, this manual has skills you can learn to help students achieve their best.

This timely program assists students in Years 9–12 to learn Performance Psychology techniques (or thinking skills) that are used by many top athletes wishing to achieve success!

Thinking Skills for Peak Performance is based on the theory and research from the disciplines of Performance and Sports Psychology. The program is designed is to greatly enhance the individual's ability to deliver peak performances in any field by wholly understanding and utilising the psychological elements of performance.


  • structured into 1 easy-to-run sessions – each with an estimated time to complete for ease of planning
  • skills taught include Planning, Goal Setting, Mental Preparation, Relaxation and Visualisation, Life Balance, Positive Thinking, Focus, Optimal Performance and Overcoming Setbacks
  • information and activities for students based on each session is included
  • may be used with small groups or with whole class groups
  • examples and activities are designed to cover a range of disciplines, demonstrating that performance skills are applicable to many life areas, including academic and exam performance, sports, debating and speaking, music and performing arts, or any other pursuit.

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