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National English Skills Australian Curriculum 7 Student Book


This rich and innovative full-colour workbook comprises skills-based units that address all strands of the Australian Curriculum – Language, Literature and Literacy.

Written by some of Australia's leading authors, this lively, student-friendly book provides eighteen skills-based units covering a wide range of popular topics.

The topics:

    • build comprehension strategies, spelling and vocabulary development, and an understanding of grammar and language
    • focuses on the concepts of culture, identity and context
    • provide high-interest literary, non-literary and media texts for appreciation, understanding and analysis
    • explore the structures and language features of diverse texts, including persuasive and visual texts
    • offer opportunities for students to apply their skills to create written, spoken and multimodal texts
    • address the cross-curriculum priorities outlined in the curriculum.

Teacher book
This outstanding workbook is supported by a teacher book providing answers to all exercises.


    1. Texts – purpose and audience
    2. Texts and contexts
    3. Narrative texts
    4. Recounting
    5. Informing
    6. How well do you spell?
    7. Looking at the movies
    8. The Dreaming and beyond
    9. Words in action
    10. Multimedia texts
    11. Understanding the novel
    12. Poets paint word pictures
    13. The short story
    14. Heroes
    15. Fantasy
    16. Let's punctuate
    17. Fables
    18. Oral communication

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