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Steps to Success: SACE English Student Book + Digital


SACE English: Steps to Success is a comprehensive, user-friendly course companion for the new senior English syllabus for South Australia.

This book is designed to help students develop the key knowledge and skills for success in all Stage 2 SACE English assessment tasks. Stage 1 students will also find the information relevant and useful as they begin their studies. Written in a clear, engaging style, the book covers the relationship between author, text and audience, with a focus on how language can shape ideas and perspectives. Students are encouraged to reflect on the human experience through their responses to a broad range of contemporary and classic texts both from Australia and from other cultures.

With a clear focus on practical strategies for success throughout, SACE English: Steps to Success will help students feel confident that they can achieve their potential.


  • advice and support for all areas of the new study design
  • exercises throughout to consolidate learning
  • tips for success in every chapter providing practical strategies to aim higher
  • a flexible approach that supports students working independently or with teachers in the classroom
  • free online resources including planning templates, proofreading checklists, exam revision exercises and sample responses

24-month Macmillan Digital access on Macmillan Education Everywhere.

Click here to view a sample chapter of the digital book (navigate to '2 Exploring literary texts').

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