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All You Need to Teach: Information Literacy Ages 5-8


Your Information Literacy programs in 3 practical sections!

All the teaching tips you need
• The Information Literacy Process
• Learning Outcomes
• Making the most of it

All the lessons you need
All the templates you need

Based on the 7 elements of the Information Literacy Process:
• Defining
• Locating
• Selecting
• Organising
• Presenting
• Assessing
• Reflecting

All the Teaching Tips You Need
Why do we need information literacy
The information process (Mini-posters)
Learning outcomes

All the Lesson Banks You Need
First Year at School
Explore and explain
Ted's library rules
Book Look
Starting school
The story of me
Eye spy
Growing and changing
My first yearbook

Second Year of School
Meet my class
Going on a book hunt
Dinosaur dig
Talking to learn
The power of pictures
The rise and fall of Humpty Dumpty
The process in practice

Third Year of School
Welcome to my school
My place in space
The Teddy Bear Rap
A parade of pirates
Time on a line
High days and holidays
Christmas site seeing

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