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Persuasive Writing Teacher Resource Book + CD


All the essentials you need for your persuasive writing lessons are here in one resource! - Ideal for the Australian Curriculum

Annotated text models, mini-posters, worksheets, writing tasks and assessment tools are provided. They focus on the different forms of persuasive writing and the importance of purpose and audience.

There are also essential tools to help students grasp persuasive structure and language, such as introductions that hook in the reader, powerful paragraphs with a point, and knockout conclusions.

The bonus CD contains all the text models, annotations, mini-posters, worksheets, assessment tools and writing task pages from the book as PDFs for viewing on an IWB or similar device. The worksheets are perfect for modelling!

    • Persuasive Essays
    • Persuasive Letters
    • Persuasive Reviews
    • Persuasive Visual Texts

Click here to view the entire book online

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