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Literature Teacher Resource Book + CD


Implementing the Australian Curriculum!

Here are all the essentials you need for your literature lessons. Mini-posters, worksheets, creating literature tasks, and literature journal sheets, prompts and assessment tools, allow you to create an exciting literature program based on understanding, appreciating, responding to, analysing and creating literature.

These essentials may be adapted to any literary text you choose. Macmillan Lesson Essentials: Literature provides teachers with a bank of materials for teaching the Literature strand of the Australian Curriculum: English.

The bonus CD contains all the mini-posters, literature journal sheets and prompts, worksheets and creating literature task pages from the book as PDFs for viewing on an IWB or similar device. The worksheets can be filled in by typing on a keyboard and are perfect for modelling. There are also hyperlinks to useful websites.

Special features:
      • lists to help you choose literary texts for

      your class

      • mini-posters

      • literature journal sheets, prompts and

      assessment tools

      • worksheets

    • creating literature task cards

      • Context

      • Responding to literature

      • Examining literature

      • Creating literature

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