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Handwriting Rules! NSW 4


...taking handwriting out of 'drill' and into English

This outstanding new book links handwriting with the NSW syllabus for the Australian Curriculum.

Defining itself from alternative series, it fully integrates handwriting skills with other areas of the English curriculum: spelling and phonics, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and aspects of literature.

Its use of multi-sensory elements via chants and patter rhymes will assist to embed letter formation in the motor memory. In another first - supporting CDs provide animations and digital tracking of letters to consolidate multi-sensory development of skills.

Year 4 features:
  • clear instruction box for each new join
  • helpful tips in speech bubbles
  • a variety of activities provide English Curriculum context for handwriting, as well as encourage student engagement, interest and motivation
  • focus on building fluency, legibility and speed
  • extra challenges, such as writing without guidelines and new speed joins
  • self-assessment encourages students to think about their own learning
  • teacher box with links to grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary, and literary elements.

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