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GeoWorld NSW 8 Student Book + Digital


GeoWorld NSW will equip students with geographical skills and general capabilities that can be applied in daily life and at work. Inquiry-based activities help students develop an appreciation of different perspectives in geographical knowledge, an understanding of ethical research principles, experience in teamwork, and critical and creative thinking. Embedded with cross-curriculum priorities throughout, the texts are well supported by a wealth of engaging resources that provide a sense of place.



This series links closely to all the new NSW curriculum content, including the three extra general capabilities: Civics and Citizenship, Difference and Diversity, and Work and Enterprise. All content, objectives and outcomes, values and attitudes, stage statements and assessment tasks have been tailored to support NSW requirements. Inquiry questions are an essential focus for all chapters, with opportunities for geographical investigations and fieldwork on all topics.


Key features:

    • Easy-to-use double page spreads providing self-contained lessons and stimulus for enquiry – perfect for the 'flipped' classroom approach.
    • Vivid, colourful design with powerful images and creative infographics
    • The latest geographical data and issues, such as the 2015 earthquake in Nepal
    • Plenty of choice and options to engage a range of student abilities
    • Collaborative learning promoted through group work opportunities and projects
    • High interest studies from both Australia and overseas, with a focus on Asia to support the cross curriculum priority
    • Structured to fit closely with the NSW curriculum and make lesson planning easy.

15-month access on MyDigital

Unit 1:

Water in the world
Chapter 1 - Water resources and processes
Chapter 2 - Value of water
Chapter 3 - Water scarcity: nature, extent, causes and management
Chapter 4 - Water management: towards sustainability
Chapter 5 - Australia's water resources and management
Chapter 6 - Atmospheric and hydrologic hazards and responses

Unit 2:

Chapter 7 - Teenagers' personal connections
Chapter 8 - Travel, recreation, culture and leisure connections
Chapter 9 - Transport and ICT interconnections
Chapter 1 - Production, consumption and trade: interconnections and effects

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