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Steps to Success: VCE Literature Student Book + Digital


Written by experienced teacher and author Anne Mitchell, the Steps to Success series is designed to help students develop key knowledge and skills for success in all assessment tasks and exams.

With a clear focus on practical strategies for success throughout, this series will help students to feel confident that they can achieve their potential.


  • advice and support for all areas of the new study design
  • exercises throughout to consolidate learning
  • tips for success in every chapter providing practical strategies to aim higher
  • a flexible approach that supports students working independently or with teachers in the classroom
  • free online resources including planning templates, answers to exercises, proofreading checklists, exam revision exercises, and sample responses.

Literature: Steps to Success offers a fresh approach for students who are undertaking the revised VCE Literature course. Acting as a course companion, it supports students with the stronger focus on literary perspectives in the new study design, along with reading and analysing the ideas and concerns in texts, understanding contexts and making connections, adaptations of texts, creative responses, and close analysis. Steps to Success will support Year 11 students who are beginning to study Literature, as well as providing excellent strategies and advice for Year 12 students as they work towards their final exam.

24-month Macmillan Digital access on Macmillan Education Everywhere.

Click here to view a sample chapter of the digital book (navigate to '2 Features of literary texts').

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