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Science Essentials NSW 7 Student Digital access


This is a purchase for an interactive eBook and digital support. You will be mailed an code for fifteen access to the Science Essentials 7 for NSW section at Macmillan's digital home - OneStopDigital.

Teachers can take a free 14 day trial at OneStopDigital.

Take a problem solving approach!

Developed specifically for the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum, Science Essentials 7 includes full coverage of all required Outcomes and Content, including Knowledge and Understanding, and the Working Scientifically skills strands.

Activities and content that focus on values and attitudes, cross curricula priorities, and general capabilities are included.

Chapter introductions present real-life problems to be investigated, building knowledge and providing the means to solve them through activities, articles and assignments.

This outstanding eBook integrates knowledge, skills and Science processes to create a deeper understanding of Science and its relationship to the world.

Features of Science Essentials for NSW:

  • hands-on inquiries and investigations
  • a variety of practical and theoretical skills developed
  • skills sections that develop a variety of practical and theoretical skills
  • Scientists-at-work profiles in every chapter
  • 'Thinking Skills' questions, that check depth of knowledge and understanding
  • self-management section, to teach independent study skills
  • checkpoint questions at the end of each chapter.

Digital support
The interactive eBook is accompanied by digital student support that can be used on any device at any time. This support includes:

    • videos and podcasts
    • online tests to enhance success
    • and markbook to track progress
    • interactive crosswords
    • worksheets and more.

Nature of science
Kitchen chemistry
Separating mixtures
Biological classification
Simple machines
Planet Earth
Using our resources
Jurassic Park
Earth, moon and sun

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