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Science Essentials Australian Curriculum 10 Teacher Resource Digital Download


Developed specifically for the Australian Curriculum, Science Essentials 10 includes full coverage of science understanding, science as a human endeavour, science inquiry skills and the general capabilities.

Integrating knowledge, skills and science processes it creates a deeper understanding of Science and its relationship to the world.

Chapter introductions set up a real-life problem to be investigated. Activities, questions, articles and assignments build knowledge and provide the means to solve the problem.

Features and benefits of Science Essentials:

  • incorporates an investigative, problem solving and thinking curriculum approach
  • extensive variety of hands-on activities
  • effectively links science to real life applications
  • skill sections develop a variety of practical and theoretical skills
  • 'Scientist at work' case study in each chapter
  • self assessment at the end of each chapter.

This product is available as a Digital Download here.

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