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VCE English & EAL Units 1 + 2 Student Book + Digital


This series supports VCE students through the journey of Units 1 and 2 English and EAL.
With a reconsidered approach to the flow of teaching and learning, the student-facing text supports the logical flow of exploration, understanding and application required to achieve success throughout the key knowledge and skills of the study design.

  • The use of model and mentor text texts throughout all areas of study provide the greatest opportunity for conceptual understanding and transferability into set texts and subsequent units of work.
  • EAL requirements are embedded throughout - creating a holistic text that allows English students to benefit from the additional scaffolded opportunities, whilst pushing EAL students into the level of sophistication within the English outcomes.
  • Tips and study advice are weaved throughout, along with key activity blocks: clarifying questions and activities for students to action in their classrooms. Each activity block includes a ‘level up’ activity to extend high-performing students.
  • Annotated worked examples, including sample SAC tasks are included for all area of study, as well as comprehensive digital assets for additional teacher and student support.

This textbook has been designed to maximise teacher and student support in understanding and actioning the intentions of the current VCE study design. Teachers can feel confident that by following the journey for each area of study they will be providing their students with the very best opportunity to find their voice in Year 11 and set themselves up for success into Year 12.

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