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Macmillan Education Australia: Secondary

Scroll down to see all of Macmillan’s state- and Australian Curriculum-specific Secondary resources.

Good Science

A brand new resource for NSW Stage 4 and 5 Science. Page by page, concept by concept, make every science lesson, a good lesson!

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History one side, Geography the other. Civics & Citizenship and Economics & Business integrated throughout.

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English Essentials Workbooks

An all-in-one skills solution from Rex Sadler, Sandra Sadler and Viv Winter.

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Macmillan Physical Education QCE

Aligned to the new 2019 QLD PE syllabus and designed around the three stages of inquiry learning.

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Macmillan English

Systematically & explicitly teach students how to challenge ideas & interpretations through analysis.

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Macmillan Essential English QCE

Designed around accessible, high-engagement, multimodal texts to deliver syllabus outcomes.

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Secondary Series