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Our subjects include

  • Health and Physical Education / PDHPE / PASS
  • Outdoor Education
  • Food Technology
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Our content has been written to align with the national curriculum and mapped to various state curricula. It follows an inquiry-based learning model and tests higher order thinking. We update statistics and web links so your books stay up-to-date.

Simple and flexible

We offer print and digital products to suit your course needs. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to change your workbook each year as your course evolves – no more wasted chapters.

Customise further

Add your own material to your workbook so it follows your course exactly. Select the features you need, such as plastic sleeves, coloured pages and more – the choice is yours.

Include your own photo on the cover, or choose one of our templates

Your choice of content

Choose units appropriate to student and course needs.

Your choice of cover

Choose a cover to match your school colours.

Your logo and school material

Include your own material and finish by adding your school logo.

How it works


Browse our content and choose the units appropriate to your students’ needs.


Review the workbook, add your school’s material and select extra features to truly customise your workbook.


We’ll deliver your print and/or digital workbooks to your school or nominated bookseller.

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"Having the Flexibooks in our HPE class saves our staff lots of precious time. During remote learning, it's been a consistent way to engage students and having the ability to choose and arrange topics means it's always relevant, especially in practical classes when non-participating students can easily be catered for."
-  Ms. Cathleen Zahra, Reservoir High School