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The exam success series: do better with BOX!

Macmillan Accounting VCE 6th edition updates and reimagines Victoria’s most trusted and authoritative Accounting textbook series for the 2019 VCE study design.

This new series matches Neville Box’s unparalleled subject matter expertise and study design knowledge with a modern design and revised chapter structure to make the content accessible and effective for all students.

Macmillan Accounting VCE 6th edition moves beyond numbers and tables to provide real-world problems, contexts and questions from the world of financial management. With more focus on exam success than any other resource, Macmillan Accounting VCE 6th edition gives all students the content, support and clarity they need to meet the demands of the VCE Accounting subject and exams.
  • Written by subject matter expert Neville Box
  • A student-friendly pedagogical approach
  • Accessible language, explanations and worked examples
  • Short ‘Check your understanding’ activities throughout
  • Content summaries and practical activities at the end of chapters
  • Margin notes with study tips, glossary terms and other information
  • Case studies, ethical questions and internet research activities
  • Support for technology and spreadsheet use
  • An accompanying digital edition with self-review quizzes, videos and spreadsheets
  • Separate workbooks for completing practical activities
  • Extensive digital teacher resources with solutions, teaching programs, PowerPoint presentations and practice exams.


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