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Haris Harbas

Co-author of the Good Science series

How long have you been in the education industry?
This is my 11th year of teaching.

How have you noticed your teaching style change over the years? Why do you think this is?
I’ve grown and refined my teaching practices. At the beginning I taught with too much detail and I followed a textbook. Now I have changed to follow the syllabus. My style of teaching is now focused on simplifying complex concepts for students to grasp and master.

What is the importance to you of good educational resources?
Having good resources is vital for educators - good educational resources enrich our students’ experiences and lead to quality teaching and learning.  

What has been your favourite part of writing an educational resource?

Differentiating the material to suit my students, by simplifying and catering to the level and ability of my students. But my favourite part is the outcome: observing students enjoy the material and showing progress, and watching them develop scientific skills and knowledge. 

What is your favourite part of being a teacher?

Students are at the core of our profession and we are also a central component to their learning. We play a great role in shaping today’s students. The greatest part of being a teacher is having such an ability to influence and shape how students think and develop, from simple help in the classroom where student’s misconceptions are realigned, to mentoring students and helping them overcome challenges. The greatest part of being a teacher is having this responsibility and therefore this privilege. It’s the most important job in this world. .

What is something people wouldn’t know about you?
I wanted to pursue soccer as a career. 

What do you like to do when you’re not teaching (or writing?)
I like to explore nature and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Who are three people, living or dead, you’d love to have dinner with?

The prophet Mohammed (saws) and his two closest companions.  

What is your favourite book and why?
The Qur’an – it’s a miracle book, it provides guidance and mercy for all humanity. 

Do you follow a sports team?
Liverpool FC in the English Premier League.