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Robyn Colwill

Co-author of the QCE English series

Over many decades as an educator at multiple levels, I have observed many shifts in
teaching strategies and approaches. Probably the most significant are those linked to greater
individual student empowerment and autonomy through a greater focus on student-
centred, collaborative learning that caters for the diversity of our students. The advent of
Information and Communications Technology also has transformed approaches to teaching
and learning.

The use of ICTs has reframed the need for students to become genuinely creative and critical
thinkers and learners. This necessitates immersion in critical thinking strategies and skills
that will enable our students to become discriminating users of the flood of information (and
misinformation) to which they are exposed. Providing students with the intellectual tools
and skills necessary to equip them to navigate, use, and apply digital resources both critically
and creatively represents one of the core responsibilities and challenges facing
contemporary educators.

Authoring educational texts is clearly an extension of that responsibility, through the
development of relevant and stimulating resources and activities that are carefully designed
both to engage and to develop creative and critical thinking. The creation of best practice
textbooks is another small contribution to our collective professional journey.