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ScienceWorld Western Australian Curriculum 9 Student Book + Digital and Workbook Pack


This pack contains ScienceWorld Year 9 Student Book and ScienceWorld Year 9 Workbook.

ScienceWorld is one of Australia's leading and most trusted Secondary science series. Our expert authors present the junior science syllabus with an unbeatable balance of accessible theory, interesting activities and integrated skills taught in context.

This new edition has been completely redesigned for Western Australia, covering the entire curriculum and all knowledge and skills, with careful progression of concepts across the year levels. Literacy and numeracy skills are woven throughout, and activities that get students solving real problems help inspire and engage. 

This new series features:

  • A fresh approach encouraging students to ExploreQuestion and Imagine the world of science – perfect for today's learners who need skills in inquiry, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Up-to-date contexts for science theory, including STEM-based examples, Australian scientists and real-world issues
  • Hands-on investigations and experiments
  • Check and Challenge questions to consolidate understanding and support differentiated learning
  • An accompanying digital edition with automarked quizzes and a wealth of additional resources.

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