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Connecting Literacy Student Folio 1


Connecting Literacy targets whole-school literacy improvement for Secondary students and teachers. 

What is Connecting Literacy? 

A developmental literacy program for Secondary schools, including: 

  • 3 student folios
  • 3 teacher books
  • 100s of video lessons hosted by literacy consultant, Hayley Harrison.

Who is Connecting Literacy for? 

Secondary school students and teachers who: 

  • are embarking on whole-school literacy improvement, OR 
  • integrate literacy skills in the English classroom, OR 
  • attend a timetabled literacy block.

How does Connecting Literacy work? 

With cumulative skill development over three books where students: 

  • Model: read and annotate an ‘anchor text’ – an authentic piece of student writing 
  • Practise: complete units of work in class or as homework with video support from Hayley Harrison, literacy coach 
  • Apply: draft their own text directly into the writing pages included in each student folio.

Why do you need Connecting Literacy? 

  • Flexibility: Use the series over three consecutive years or use the student folios in parallel to differentiate, support and extend. 
  • Support: Video lessons, teacher books with answers and suggested programs, a literacy skills ‘toolkit’ and on-demand P.D. sessions will support experienced and out-of-discipline teachers alike. 
  • Evidence: Student folios are designed as a learning pathway with built-in student reflection, metacognition and formative assessment (with developmental rubrics). 
  • Whole-school: Use Connecting Literacy to underpin your whole school literacy plan and create a common metalanguage around literacy.

Find out more about our author Hayley Harrison here

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