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Good History 8 Student Digital Access Code


Make every lesson a good lesson.  

Good History Student Digital Access is a digital book which delivers History in one stunningly visual product. Every History chapter begins with a Learning Ladder: A developmental skills progression written in student-friendly language. Students can track their progress up the Learning Ladder to demonstrate their progress in essential History skills. 

History-How-To sections scaffold the skills required for students to progress up the Learning Ladder. This section is designed for quick reference and includes worked examples and annotated sample answers. 

The student digital package includes: 


-Auto-marking quizzes

-Worksheets and video worksheets

-Weblinks and videos

-Capstone projects

-'My Learning Pathway' student workbook for every chapter

-Pre-tests and post-tests

-Student dashboard to track and report

-Narrative stories in audio and text format

-Skills videos

-15-month digital access on the MyDigital platform.

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