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VCE English & EAL Units 3 + 4 Student Book + Digital


This series is authored by leading English and EAL teachers to support every Victorian student through their unique VCE English and EAL journey.

• NEW: Engineered from the ground up for the new 2023/2024 VCE
English and EAL study design
• RELEVANT: Authored by your peers, teachers who will be teaching
and tutoring the new course from 2023
• INTEGRATED: A combined English and EAL resource, for the English
and EAL study design
• POSITIVE: Written to motivate and support every Victorian student on
their VCE journey
• SUCCESSFUL: A companion and guide that will assist students to reach
the exam feeling confident and prepared

View our latest PD here with Hayley Harrison which unpacks the new English 3&4 study design.

" I LOVE this book! It is the perfect student-friendly resource that is inclusive of all students across English and EAL. The key skills are effectively targeted and explored through a range of resources and activities."
Katharine Corrin, English Team Leader and VCE English, EAL, and English Language teacher

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