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NEW: Engineered from the ground up for the new 2023/2024 VCE English and EAL study design

RELEVANT: Authored by your peers, teachers who will be teaching and tutoring the new course from 2023

INTEGRATED: A combined English and EAL resource, for the English and EAL study design

SUCCESSFUL: A companion and guide that will assist students to reach the exam feeling confident and prepared.


" I LOVE this book! It is the perfect student-friendly resource that is inclusive of all students across English and EAL. The key skills are effectively targeted and explored through a range of resources and activities."

 Katharine Corrin, English Team Leader and VCE English, EAL, and English Language teacher


VCE English and EAL 3 + 4

Chapter 1: Reach your potential in VCE English and EAL Units 3 + 4
Chapter 2: Reading and responding to texts
Chapter 3: Creating texts
Chapter 4: Analysing argument
Chapter 5: The exam

VCE English and EAL 1 + 2

Chapter 1:  Find your voice in VCE English and EAL Units 1 & 2
Chapter 2: Reading and exploring texts – Unit 1
Chapter 3: Find your voice in crafting texts
Chapter 4: Reading and exploring texts – Unit 2
Chapter 5: Exploring argument
Chapter 6: Preparing for Year 12


Hayley Harrison

Hayley Harrison has worked as a classroom teacher, VCE tutor, leading teacher and educational consultant for over 15 years. Hayley has extensive experience working with schools to audit curriculum, build resources, and formalise assessment practices. She is a seasoned presenter on the topics of whole-school literacy, curriculum development, and English-specific content as well as leading VCE student workshops and providing specialised assessment feedback. She is working as a critical friend with VATE to develop and facilitate their Whole School Writing Culture program and is the author of Matilda Education’s Connecting Literacy series.

Julia Lippold

Julia Lippold is an EAL specialist teacher, English teacher and teacherpreneur with local and international teaching experiences. In 2022, she was a recipient of The Educator’s Most Influential Educators award for spearheading the EAL program at Lauriston Girls’ School in the role of EAL Coordinator and for promoting EAL across Australia. Julia also taught in the New Arrivals program at Blackburn English Language School for many years where she worked as a Leading Teacher, Head of Senior School, and International Student Coordinator. Julia is a former member of the Executive Board of ACTA and former committee member of VicTESOL. She is currently a member of the VATE professional learning committee. Julia has been actively involved in the VCAA F-10 EAL Curriculum for Victorian Schools Consultation Review, the VCAA VCE Examination Development EAL Reviewing Panel and is a VCAA examiner for the VCE EAL exam. Julia is a lover of literature and is passionate about student wellbeing. In addition to teaching English and EAL, she currently facilitates the wellbeing program at Lauriston Girls’ School.

Virginia Danahay
Virginia Danahay is an accomplished English and Literacy Leader with over 20 years experience teaching VCE English and Literature. She is currently a Leading Teacher at Berwick College and is a VCAA assessor (GAT and English), VCE curriculum writer and consultant, member of VATE Councils (Professional Learning and Publications) and VATE 2022 conference presenter. Virginia is proud to be featured in Idiom, the journal of the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English and is a passionate and published writer of short fiction and poetry.


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VCE English and EAL Units 3&4 Student Book + Digital
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VCE English and EAL Units 3&4 Student Digital9780655093312$39.95Order here
VCE English and EAL Units 3&4 Teacher Digital9780655093329$99.95Order here
VCE English and EAL Units 1&2 Student Book + Digital9780655094128$46.95Pre-order now!
VCE English and EAL Units 1&2 Student Digital9780655094135$39.95Coming September 2024
VCE English and EAL Units 1&2 Teacher Digital9780655094142$99.95Coming September 2024

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