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Macmillan Physical Education QCE Units 1&2 Teacher Digital Access

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Macmillan's preeminent team of practising educators, led by Glenn Amezdroz, have created a new series that aligns exactly with the new 2019 QLD Physical Education syllabus. Macmillan Physical Education skillfully weaves concepts and application so that students have a deep understanding of theory before they engage in practising, observing and measuring physical activity.

The text is designed around the three stages of inquiry learning (engage and understand, apply and analyse, evaluate and justify), and explicitly teaches critical and creative thinking, teamwork and other 21st-century skills.

Key features:

  • Carefully curated and accessible content, with a focus on preparing students for assessment and exam success
  • Activities reflect three stages of inquiry learning
  • Learning Experience (LX) tasks provide opportunities for students to apply and analyse content
  • Integrating Movement (IM) tasks provide step-by-step instructions for executing, observing and recording physical activities
  • Comprehension questions in each section check and consolidate student understanding
  • Case studies provide additional context for key concepts
  • Videos assist teachers and students to conduct and record physical activity, and to prepare for assessment
  • Extensive chapter reviews include summaries, and multiple choice, short response and extended response questions
  • Extensive digital teacher resources with teaching programs, PowerPoint presentations, topic podcasts and practice exams.

1-year digital access on the MyDigital platform

 Click here to view a sample of Macmillan Physical Education. 

Units 1 & 2 Table of Contents

Unit 1: Motor learning, functional anatomy, biomechanics and physical activity
Topic 1: Motor learning (integrated with a selected physical activity)
1 – Exploring motor skills
2 – Investigating motor learning models
3 – Examining practice and feedback

Topic 2: Functional anatomy, biomechanics (integrated with a selected physical activity)
4 – Assessing force and motion
5 – Appraising functional anatomy concepts
6 – Creating momentum
7 – Evaluating air and water forces

Unit 2: Sport psychology, equity and physical activity
Topic 1: Sport psychology (integrated with a selected physical activity)
7 – Discussing sport psychology
8 – Developing psychological strategies
9 – Determining optimal performance

Topic 2: Equity – barriers and enablers
10 – Considering access and equity
11 – Manipulating barriers and enablers
12 – Devising strategies for participation

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