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Macmillan Physical Education QCE Units 3&4 Student Book + Digital

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Macmillan's preeminent team of practicing educators, led by Glenn Amezdroz, has written a high-engagement, accessible text that aligns exactly with the new 2019 QLD syllabus.

Macmillan Physical Education QCE text skillfully weaves concepts and application so that students have a deep understanding of theory before they engage in practicing, observing and measuring physical activity.

The text is designed around the three stages of inquiry learning (engage and understand, apply and analyze, evaluate and justify) and explicitly teaches critical and creative thinking, teamwork and other 21 century skills.

Features include:

  • Carefully curated and accessible content
  • Modelled assessment responses to prepare students for exam and assessment success
  • Activities which reflect the three stages of inquiry learning
  • Learning Experiences (LX) that provide opportunities for students to apply and analyse content
  • Integrating Movement (IM) activities that provide step-by-step instructions for executing, observing and recording
  • Glossary of key vocabulary in the margin
  • Comprehension questions at the end of each section to check and consolidate student understanding
  • Case studies that provide additional context for key concepts
  • Extensive chapter reviews that include summaries, multiple choice, short response and extended response questions.

This product includes both a print copy of the text and access to the digital edition.

Click here to view a sample of Macmillan Physical Education. 

Units 3 & 4 Table of Contents

Assessment esstentials

Unit 3: Tactical awareness, ethics and integrity and physical activity

1. Appraising dynamic systems

2. Examining tactical awareness

3. Devising tactical strategies

Worked example: project

4. Exploring ethics and integrity

5. Devising ethics strategies

Worked example: investigation-report

Unit 4: Energy, fitness and training and physical activity

6. Investigating energy systems

7. Assessing fitness requirements

8. Manipulating training principles

9. Designing training programs

Unit 4 exam revision

Exemplar responses

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